Understanding Music
playful & easy

You will be able to enjoy music even more if you also understand the connections beyond. Let yourself be surprised how easy and playful you can learn music theory. You will no longer play note by note, but rather juggle with the notes.

You will be offered different, creative, fun approaches to understand music even better. You will learn to analyze rhythms in order to enjoy them in small, digestible and manageable portions. Harmonic connections and chord structures will also be made understandable to you in a simple yet exciting way.

Look forward to expanding your musical horizons even further. 

Gerald Lindinger

For many years he has been engaged in how to open access to music (also for beginners) in a simple and yet wonderful, harmonic, groovy way. The practical reference is always particularly important to him. With guitar, piano or singing the acquired knowledge is then brought to sound.

This is how music theory comes alive.


May 21st 2021
16.00 - 19.30


Weinzierl 52
4563 Micheldorf


65 Euro

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