15 years of LebensfreudeMusik

We're having a blast and hopefully you'll be there too.

Since autumn 2020 there is now also an association of "LebensfreudeMusik e.V.". This association has set itself the goal of organizing a festival every year. In 2021 we are especially motivated by the association, because we celebrate the 15th anniversary of LebensfreudeMusik.

We can already give you some info - the evening will be accompanied by TBH-Club, who will rock the "Freizeitpark Micheldorf" for us. Before that One More Song & Filterkaffee will give a musical firework. You are invited to swing your hips and sing along (if you want to). Of course, you can also just relax and enjoy the culinary delights.
For the most motivated guitarists there will be a workshop in the afternoon where two or three songs will be rehearsed. These songs will be performed together with TBH-Club in the evening. Rock it!


Tickets are not yet available, but you can of course sign up for the newsletter, then we will update you soon enough. So you might be one of the first to get a ticket.

Talking of it: If you join the association LebensfreudeMusik, you automatically already receive a free ticket ;-)