A Vitamin-Bomb

LebensfreudeMusik is beneficial to health. That's why it's nice when this medicine is offered in many places. Maybe you have already played with the thought of opening a musical pharmacy near you ;-)

If you are interested in teaching with LebensfreudeMusik, we would be happy if you sign up for a teacher course. Let yourself be surprised how many benefits this will bring to you and your life.

We offer courses regularily, also in your area - please feel free to register for one of them in the shop


The focus will be of course on the concept of LebensfreudeMusik and also on making some music together. You can choose if you only want to accompany or if you also want to try some tricky stuff. At the same time you will get ideas and methods on how to teach your classes.

We will explain our philosophy to you, because after all, LebensfreudeMusik is way more than just music lessons.

We will explain our philosophy to you, because after all, LebensfreudeMusik is about more than just music lessons.Ideally, you should provide your students with a small oasis of well-being - a sound experience in which you can lose yourself.

Facts & Figures: Short & crisp from our side, so that there is still plenty of room for your questions and needs. You will probably also want to know what your advantages are by teaching with LebensfreudeMusik? You are one click away




9.15 Get together

9.30 Impro warm-up

10.00 Let the guitars ring together

11.00 Break*

11.30 HANDBOOK | Part 1

12.30 BBQ session

14.00 RHYTHMGUIDE | Putting rhythm into practice creatively (with guitar)

14.45 HANDBOOK | Part 2

15.30 Break

16.00 TRY A MELODY | Learning notes playfully (with guitar)

16.45 HANDBOOK | Part 3

17.15 Impro, making music

17.30 End*

*During the breaks you have the possibility to use the in-house photo studio.


Weinzierl 52
AT-4563 Micheldorf


Gerald Lindinger | KlampfnG'sang & all musical Parts
Martin Strasser | Handbook, BBQ-Chef & Photographer

Course Fees

125 € (Fruits & BBQ inclusive)