Get Comfortable

... and enjoy your benefits when you teach with LebensfreudeMusik

The Concept

You get a teaching concept that has been tested over decades and is constantly being developed further, so you can get started (almost) without any preparation.


The beautifully designed promotional material, tailored to our target audience, will help you promote your courses. 


Let yourself be guided - especially in the beginning - by an extensive guidebook on topics such as "didactics", "organization" and "advertising".

Good Earnings

You will earn a good income with LebensfreudeMusik - you decide how much. Depending on the amount of time.   

The Concept

The concept is built so that each song is basically easy to accompany. At the same time there are always some tricks how to spice up your guitar sound. e.g.: groovy bass parts, exciting chords, nice preludes ...

... so you have many possibilities to shape your lessons.

And you can choose which style you prefer:

+ Golden Oldies, Rock & Pop

+ Blues, Swing & Gospel

+ Folk Music & Schlager

wonderful & simple. simply wonderful.

Read Music

You don't have to be able to read music, and yet you can make wonderful music.


With the lyrics you get colored highlights matching the chords. More beautiful & easier!

Cheating Permitted

You don't have to have everything in your head, because your little cheat sheet will help you at any time ;-)

Guaranteed Success

Once you know the first three chords, you will be able to play over 100 (!) songs along our concept.

Campfire Tricks

With every song you can learn little tricks that sound just awesome. You'll be the star at the next campfire with your friends.

Solo Time

Many songs have a solo to learn - a lot of them can be categorized as "Sounds hard, but isn't!"


The supreme discipline for motivated students who want to enchant themselves and their audience with it.

Tasty Advertising

The cheapest and most effective advertising is word of mouth. But before that, people need to hear about your valuable course offerings. Basically you can say: the more effort you put in advertising, the better.

We support you wherever we can. In addition to an informative folder, there are also enough flyers & posters to promote your courses. A personal business card will also be designed for you. For this purpose, photos of you will be taken in our in-house studio. Of course you can also use these photos for your own website.

On you get the necessary space to position and present yourself.


There are many people who, like Lisa, would like to play an instrument. Most of them think that it is too much effort and too difficult.

Just tell your friends and aquaintances about the LebensfreudeMusik-way of learning, you will see that many are happy if they can learn an instrument in a simple and fun way.

It will be particularly special for you if you can offer them a place in one of your classes.


You will receive a wonderful, detailed handbook from LebensfreudeMusik. It starts by giving you a collection of ideas on how to organize and promote your classes. For your first lessons you will be presented with a guideline that you can follow.

LebensfreudeMusik describes in more detail the philosophy and how to deal with mistakes, troublemakers, right-wingers, notorious late-comers. You will also be offered suggestions on how to structure your lessons so that you can prevent various disruptive factors in advance


Stefan teaches two courses per week, each with 6 students. For this he earns 4.224 Euro per year - that's 94 Euro per hour. This is a nice and lucrative compensation to his full-time job as a secondary school teacher. His commitment to promoting the guitar courses is limited, because he was able to recruit most of the course participants from his circle of acquaintances anyway.

Since last year, Valerie has only been working part-time in her job as a kindergarten teacher. This makes it possible for her to offer 3 guitar courses on two afternoons. The groups are well attended with an average of 7 students. This results in an annual gross salary of 14,784 euros, which corresponds to an hourly wage of 110 euros.

Amelie has even switched completely and earns her living with LebensfreudeMusik - with an annual turnover of 56,320 euros, this also pays off wonderfully. She gives five courses each on four afternoons at two different locations and teaches a total of 160 students. If she doesn't include the cost of advertising her courses, her hourly rate is a whopping 125 euros. She even plans to rent a larger room for next year. Her goal: to break the 200-student mark ;-)

When will you write your first story with LebensfreudeMusik?

PS: You will receive a certificate from us with which you can then decorate a wall: