Teachers with Lebensfreude

LebensfreudeMusik is first and foremost about humorous, inspiring, tactful, motivating, heartfelt lessons. Depending on how comfortable you feel as a student, you can then award stars in these areas. ABCD are awarded by LebensfreudeMusik and concern the ability on the instrument and the professional competence: From "Already Started" and "Becoming Better" to "Cool Stuff" and "Delicious Music".

No Lebensfreude in sight ...

You would like to have LebensfreudeMusik in your town or in your area? Maybe you even know interested musicians. In any case, we are happy if you get in touch with us.


Your compass. You orient yourself to the students' abilities in order to be able to pick them up where they are at the moment.

Your pace. When you realize it's going too fast for students, you adjust your speed.

Your goal. Expanding the (musical) horizon together with the students.

We are more than happy to accompany you and your students on your journey.