Das Konzept

The concept is set up in a way that each song is basically easy to play along. At the same time there are always some tricks how to spice up your guitar sound. For example: groovy bass passages, exciting chords, nice preludes ...

Depending on how motivated you are, you can learn more or less. But making music together is a nice experience in any case ;-)


Read Music

You don't have to be able to read music, and yet you can play wonderful music.


With the lyrics you get colored highlights matching the chords. More beautiful & easier!

Cheating Permitted

You don't have to have everything in your head, because your little cheat sheet will help you at any time ;-)

Guaranteed Success

Once you know the first three chords, you will be able to play over 100 (!) songs along our concept.

Campfire Tricks

With every song you can learn little tricks that sound just awesome. You'll be the star at the next campfire with your friends.

Solo Time

Many songs have a solo to learn - a lot of them can be categorized as "Sounds hard, it's not!"


The supreme discipline for motivated students who want to enchant themselves and their audience with it.