Job Profile

LebensfreudeMusik is a teaching concept for guitar accompaniment that focuses on the joy of learning and making music. The main target group are adults of all ages - not least because of this it is a complementary product to the classical music school.

After successful certification as a "LebensfreudeMusik teacher", they use our platform to offer their courses. The registration and billing process as well as the payment of the teachers is handled automatically via the platform.

Our Philosophy

Our slogan is "Music eats me live". With this we signalize that mistakes are welcome.

In this sense we are looking for people who have their heart in the right place, at the same time you will also get to know the team of LebensfreudeMusik as people for whom perfection is not important, but for whom the human being with his talents and individualities is in the foreground.

Dein Profil

We are growing and we are looking for you - to strengthen our team of teachers we are looking for courageous personalities, who are open and communicative, adaptive in dealing with new challenges and empathetic. You take initiative in finding your course participants and are able to lead groups.

As a sales talent, you are used to taking the initiative, already have experience with marketing tools and excel in a structured way of working. Furthermore, you are able to lead groups.

Your Tasks

Your main tasks include the acquisition of teachers who teach music with LebensfreudeMusik. To achieve this, you will use various marketing activities (social media, print, telephone, ...), and you can expect a lively exchange and tips from your multiplier colleagues.

In addition, you organize the courses for the certification of new teachers as well as the regular refresher courses for existing teachers.

Of course, you are interested in your teachers doing well, and you consistently support and motivate them both in the acquisition of students and the associated marketing activities.

What you can expect from us

In addition to a lot of enjoyment of life, you will receive a comprehensive handbook from us as a constant companion and advisor for your activities.

Of course, an appealing job also includes an appealing payment, which consists of the following parts:

  • Passive income: this is calculated from a percentage of the course fees that students pay to your teachers.
  • Course fees from certification and refresher courses for the teachers you teach.
  • If you are teaching yourself, you can of course supplement your income significantly.

More specifically, this means that if you manage to recruit 40 teachers with an average of 20 course participants, and teach about 12 students yourself (that's two courses, and therefore 2 hours of work per week), you will have an annual gross income of about € 36,000.

The time you invest you divide independently and freely, the majority of your activities you can do from the home office (or from Mallorca).

In the example above you can assume a weekly working time of about 5-15 hours. Your income opportunities will grow directly with your motivation and commitment.

Note: It is not a requirement that you can play an instrument, unless you want to offer courses yourself.

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