Marketing Manager

LebensfreudeMusikprobably offers the best teaching concept, from "All Beginners" to,"Becoming Better", "Cool Stuff" and "Delicious Music". This should be experienced by as many as possible in the whole, wide world ... well, and that's where you come in! We need (more) cool marketing strategies and helping hands to implement these ideas.

Our Philosophy

Our slogan is "Music eats me live". With this we signalize that mistakes are welcome.

In this sense we are looking for people who have their heart in the right place. At the same time you will get to know the team of LebensfreudeMusik as people for whom perfection is not important, but for whom the human being with its talents and idiosyncrasies is in the foreground.

Your profile

We are growing and looking for you - to strengthen our team, we are looking for courageous personalities who are open and communicative, capable of learning how to deal with new challenges and empathetic.

You feel at home in the field of social media, classic marketing but also SEO - the awareness and accessibility of LebensfreudeMusik is your ultimate goal.

Your tasks

After the development of a marketing strategy, you will be responsible for its implementation.

This includes all necessary marketing channels, starting with homepage, print media, social networks as well as supporting our multipliers and teachers in their respective regional/local marketing activities.

You will support our charity organization in its projects - especially in the area of event management, but of course also in raising awareness and reporting on the charitable activities.

What you can expect from us

The time you invest you divide independently and freely, your income opportunities grow directly with your motivation and your commitment.  

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