Job Profile

LebensfreudeMusik is a teaching concept for guitar accompaniment that focuses on the joy of learning and making music. The main target group are adults of all ages - not least because of this it is a complementary product to the classical music school.

After successful certification as a "LebensfreudeMusik-teacher", you use our platform to offer your courses. The registration and billing process as well as the payment of the courses by the course participants is handled automatically via the platform

Our Philosophy and Values

Our slogan is "Music eats me live". With this we signalize that mistakes are welcome.

In this sense we are looking for people who have their heart in the right place, at the same time you will also get to know the team of LebensfreudeMusik as people for whom perfection is not important, but for whom the human being with his talents and individualities is in the foreground.

Your Profile

We are growing and we are looking for you - to strengthen our team of teachers we are looking for courageous personalities, who are open and communicative, adaptive in dealing with new challenges and empathetic. You take initiative in finding your course participants and are able to lead groups.

You will receive a comprehensive handbook and personal support for the search and supervision of course participants.

Your Tasks

Your most important task is to teach the classes and to take care of the participants. In doing so, you spray a lot of joie de vivre, but this often comes back as an echo from your course participants - promised :-)

As preparation you only have to take care of the suitable premises, as well as make advertisement. The registration for the courses as well as the billing with the course participants is handled automatically by the platform.

What you can expect from us

In addition to a lot of joie de vivre, you will receive a comprehensive handbook as a constant companion and advisor for your activities.

Of course, this also includes an attractive payment, the following example explains your income possibilities:

If you manage to gather 20 course participants around you (that's about 3 courses per week and thus 3h of effort weekly) you will come to an annual gross income of about € 7.000,-. If you can spend 12 hours per week, that is € 28.000,- per year.

The time you invest you divide independently and freely, your income opportunities grow directly with your motivation and your commitment.

Contact us

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