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Learn to play the guitar - easier than easy

Music is full of life when you don't focus on perfection, but on passion. Without the pressure of learning notes you can enjoy a wonderful bath of sound with joy and friends, and at the same time you have the opportunity to expand your musical horizons through a variety of valuable tips & tricks.

This is ...


Lisa has always wanted to play the guitar, but she thought it was too difficult. Lisa also thinks you have to be able to read music and have to spend a lot of time to learn an instrument.

But then Lisa discovers LebensfreudeMusik. At LebensfreudeMusik, you can learn to play an instrument in a fun, easy and quick way - and all that completely without actually knowing music-theory. With many success experiences. Without stress and pressure to perform.

Don't be a Karen. Everybody likes Lisa. Be more like Lisa. 

The Chameleon

LebensfreudeMusik adapts to your ability and pace - like a chameleon. Each song comes in different levels. From "easier than easy" to "wow, how long have you been playing?". So no one is over- or underwhelmed.

A variety of cool songs await you. Rock & Pop, golden Oldies, Lovesongs, Austropop offer you a stylish variety. You will also encounter blues and gospel music. So there should be something for every taste.

Your opinion matters


I had already played guitar for a few years before. But my sound has become much more extensive through LebensfreudeMusik. 


Joie de vivreMusic is the harmonious fusion between man and music - a beautiful magic.


A dream has come true: I play the guitar. In the meantime, I could no longer imagine a life without music. #joyoflife


I have been teaching with LebensfreudeMusik for several years now. Since then my life has developed tremendously.

Teaching with LebensfreudeMusik

Maybe you've often toyed with the idea of earning some extra money on the side? Maybe teaching your guitar skills to someone else sounds appealing to you? Maybe you are already teaching, but would like to get to know some new teaching material?

In any case, if your path leads you to us, you are very welcome. Let us surprise you with how much joy you can earn money and at the same time pass on joy of life & music.

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